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released December 2, 2014

written, recorded and produced by Adele Nicholas
art by Chelsea Witherby



all rights reserved


Axons Chicago, Illinois

disco grunge


6/3: Beat Kitchen (Chicago)
6/15: The Yards (Rochester)
6/16: Freddy's (Brooklyn)
6/17: Hive Mind (Akron)

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Track Name: Trust Me, I Know
What will it take to learn my lesson?
I had no doubts, I asked no questions
A mistaken impression
Conditions and exceptions
Leaned back hard into thin air again

Trust me, I know.
This doesn't trouble you at all
I've grown accustomed to the fact that you won't answer if I call
I don't feel anything at all

I can see nothing but an absence
A gap unfilled, cracks in the canvas
We're just like the others
Step sisters, ex-lovers
Waiting for scars to replace our wounds

Trust me, I know
I shouldn't feel this way at all
I've grown embarrassed by the fact that I still wait to hear your call
Don't want to be myself at all

Trust me, I know
This doesn't trouble you at all
I've grown accustomed to the knowledge you won't catch me if I fall I don't feel anything at all
Track Name: Wrists Hands Fingers
The decline is long
The gradient is gradual
I am not wrists hands and fingers
A disco ball, reflecting specks of distant light
A fractured dance, a lengthening night

The shadow larger than the form
Obscurity pursues its course

I am a sound -- united, indivisible
I am not a decaying vessel
Track Name: Aphelion
Clasp me close in weightless arms
Locked in an endless pirouette
you are luminous, drawn to your charms
a lovely light, a fiery heart
you burn up every impurity
you scorch the very air I breathe
you sear my skin and leave me clean
but I am never free

When I reach my aphelion
I long to burn in the heat again
traded a fire for a hollowness
I pull at the threads and try to leave
but the golden nets still entangle me
I am spinning back by tiny degrees
your gravity, your gravity
Track Name: The Athlete
She stumbles across the finish line
Loses her footing every single time
It's elevating. They see it as a sign
I'm judging silently on the sidelines

It's so impressive. Let's put it on display
It's so uplifting -- watch her play through the pain
Let's put it in a happy picture frame
It's an inspiring face with out a name

What is this race that we've begun?
I heard that time moves slower if we run
Some of us cast our lots with wishes, hopes and prayers
Either way, I'll meet you there

I know exactly what we're trying to outrun
An endless obstacle course to overcome
so many races that can't ever be won
so many ways to fail at this marathon

We're all afraid of slowing down.
Taking it easy, hanging out
I know you're driven to achieve
No one likes to admit defeat
Track Name: Silent Slumber
Give me a little context
Help me understand
I've been consulting star charts
And reading palms of hands

Staring into the silence
Shrouded in foggy breath
A ripple on the surface
Does not betray its depth

Silent slumber
Tell me what it's like to never have to wonder

Exhumed and dissected
The pieces put away
Artifacts collected
A clinical display

I can still hear the melody
The way the notes would bend
The words of every elegy
Inscribed on me in lead
Track Name: I Made A Plan
Got what you wanted
The vertigo of tearing it away
Your ears are haunted
Nauseated hearing the refrain
An absolution purchased at too high a cost
a penance paid

I made a plan

Uncertain virtue
A hunger that can never be denied
A fire can burn you
Letting fickle whim serve as your guide
A jealousy for which one never can atone
A debt unpaid